What Are Architectural Signs?

What Are Architectural Signs?

What Is "Architectural Signage"?

Architectural Signage provides identification throughout a wide array of facilities—from commercial buildings, apartment communities, school campuses, hospitals, and more! Architectural signage—simply put—helps you get where you need to go!

Our Architectural Signage Products

At Advanced Sign Solutions, we are the area leader in custom designed and manufactured, interior and exterior, architectural signage, and sign systems.

This includes:

  • ADA compliant signage, meeting all ADA regulations and guidelines
  • Exterior dimensional letters or numbers, including channel letters, cast metal, aluminum, stainless steel, and FCO
  • Exterior ground “wayfinding” signage, wayfinding signage systems, maps, and monument signage
  • Interior directories and wayfinding
  • Custom entry pieces, logos, and more!

Architects, General Contractors, Division 10 Specialty Contractors

Are you an architect? General or specialty contractor? Advanced Sign Solutions works directly with architects, general contractors, and Division 10 specialty contractors in providing the full scope of identification device and signage options that meet or exceed specifications—from design, through project management, to manufacturing and completion—we specialize in working to provide signage for your projects. We specialize in healthcare facilities, schools, state universities and colleges, multi-family communities, and more! At Advanced Sign Solutions, we take pride in the architectural signage we custom manufacture to assist in your project.

ADA, Accessibility, and Signs...

Advanced Sign Solutions works extensively with architects and contractors in providing ADA compliant signage solutions for a variety of construction and remodeling projects. This allows for the most functional and accessible environment for all individuals—and ensures that your project meets or exceeds the standards.

Meeting the current ADA standards and regulations, Advanced Sign Solutions custom manufacturers ADA compliant signage that maintains the flow and continuity of the overall construction or remodeling project.

What are the ADA requirements?

Not sure what requirements you need to adhere to? We are here to help! Feel free to give us a call—or have a look at the below links that can help provide clarification and direction:

For overall ADA standards for accessible design:

For a short video providing a look into the specific requirements of signage meeting ADA Accessibility Guidelines:

Or please visit:
www.ada.gov or www.access-board.gov
for more information.

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